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SAP Commerce Cloud

86 percent of B2B customers are willing to pay more for a better, quicker and more convenient user experience. The ECENTA B2B Service Portal Accelerator based on SAP Commerce Cloud, formerly known as SAP Hybris Commerce, lays the foundation.

Time is money for your customers, too. If they can directly access their interaction history, current and past offers, orders, and invoices via your customer portal, this constitutes a real added value to their purchase.

If you add up-to-date product recommendations, the possibility to request a sales or service representative, and a way to get a current overview of your service tickets, you can be sure that your customers will be satisfied with your order processing.

The quicker way to a user-friendly customer portal: The ECENTA B2B Service Portal Accelerator

The development of an inclusive customer portal usually involves considerable expenditures. Even SAP Commerce Cloud does not offer a ready-for-use standard solution. Thus, we developed the ECENTA B2B Service Portal Accelerator to shorten the implementation period considerably. Out of the box, the solution already contains decisive B2B functions for service and sales.

One of the main features of the solution is access to selected information that is usually hidden in the internal ERP, CRM, and similar systems, like e.g. installed base (IBase) access, IBase history or M2M (machine-to-machine) communication.

The ECENTA B2B Accelerator uses the perfect integration of SAP Commerce Cloud with other SAP cloud solutions to enable a prime customer experience in the B2B environment including:

  • Self-services for creating tickets
  • Access to technical documentations
  • Extending service contracts
  • Monitoring the current state of devices or machines with IoT

It is well known, market leaders do significantly better than their competitors in the areas of service and customer experience. Start the industrial revolution to service level 4.0 by getting in touch with our experts. Working together, we will develop scalable solutions for new services and business models that will delight and satisfy your customers all the way.