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This is us - This should be you

We want to be the right fit for you. ECENTA distinguishes itself by its diverse employees nevertheless we have our similarities. Get to know the ECENTA family.
We are
Strong as a Team

Strong Team

Every one of our employees has a high potential and a strong skill set. However, we do not work on our own because we know a team makes one stronger and more successful.
Are you also stronger in a team than on your own?
We have
an affinity for it

IT affinity

On the one hand, we have developers who like to design and create customer-specific solutions. On the other hand, we have functional consultants who like to analyze the customer's requirements and configure those in the system. Together everyone is passionate about IT.
Are you also a (little) bit geeky?
We have
fun with learning

fun with learning

The acquisition of knowledge and new skills is a part of our day to day job. The constant development is what makes our jobs so special.
Do you also enjoy learning new things every day?
We are
problem solvers

Solving problems

We analyze problems try to understand them and then work out a solution for our customers. This is not only theoretical: Part of our job at ECENTA is to implement these solutions.
Do you like solving problems?
We are
ready to travel

ready to travel

Our customers are spread around the whole globe. On some projects, we work remotely from our ECENTA office and on other projects, we are on-site with the customer. Traveling belongs to our work routine.
Do you sleep in hotel beds as well as at home?
We are


Curiosity is the fuel of innovation. We like new things because we want to discover. Constantly trying to think outside the box we look for new innovative solutions.
Do you also want your curiosity to be put into action?
We want
to be challenged


Project work - especially in IT - means to face new challenges every day. These challenges help us to grow professionally as well as personally. In doing so we know to value a team which supports us in our every step.
Do you also like to jump in at the deep end from time to time?
We are


As a consultant, we interact with our customers. Additionally aligning ourselves with a team is an important success factor. Not all of us are extroverts and yet we communicate effectively.
Are your ready for the mutual exchange?
We are


We want to take responsibility. We do this towards our customers as well in our day-to-day job within ECENTA. We expect everyone to take initiative to gather information, learn something new or shape ECENTA.
Are you ready to take over a proactive role?
We are


We pursue the same goals and values. However, each and every one of our employees is different.

Do you want to join our colorful family?
Did you recognize yourself in some parts? Do you feel like we have a fit? Then look for an open position. We look forward to meeting you!