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Analytics and Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies can drive marketing analytics – and customer experience.

Only 19% of marketers track all efforts to drive improvement via reporting. Best-in-class marketers are 56% more likely to use data and analytics platforms. – Aberdeen

With so many marketing analytics tools at your disposal, it is often difficult to identify the right mix that will enable your organization to deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

Emerging technologies continue to enter the market and add to the growing list of promises to increase ROI and improve customer experiences. Meanwhile, many organizations are forced to focus on daily business functions without the luxury of investing time to find the next solution that will move their business forward. New technology requires resources around implementation, strategy and adoption of the tool, which competes with existing priorities and tasks.

Marketing analytics and reporting help us learn from the past and plan for, if not predict, the future. Real-time and predictive analytics provide immediate and future knowledge to help deliver even better customer experiences. Without the resources to best understand and utilize that data, your business faces the risk of underperforming to its potential – focusing on getting the job done vs. forward momentum. This can lead to being disrupted in a competitive marketplace.

Some of the ways in which ECENTA Digital can help your organization include:

  • Identifying emerging technologies that align with your business strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Analyzing and utilizing data in more meaningful ways
  • Better targeting and segmenting of customers
  • Campaign management
  • Developing reporting and KPIs that help measure performance and allow you to invest more in the areas that are delivering better ROI

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