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The right commerce technology and strategies consider the customer first.

70% of commerce will move from B2C and B2B models to ones that focus on the individual customer experience. – Gartner


Commerce strategies, tactics, and the technologies that support a site and its functions are not always simple. There are sales to make, orders to fill and track, and payments to receive. From a customer’s point of view, the site extends beyond the shopping cart to an initial visit, a click to a product page, perhaps another click to compare, and so on. Customers today are savvy. They expect commerce experiences to be personalized, relevant, and omnichannel based on their particular preferences.

ECENTA Digital provides strategy and support so you can deliver personalized commerce experiences whether it be through email channels, mobile channels, or in-store. We can help you create unique, lifecycle customer experiences proven to generate more sales in an increasingly competitive market.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is a framework used for customers and brands to drive innovation and customer experience excellence. The Customer Journey Mapping Workshop is a collaborative, exercise-based session where customers and brands actively contribute their thoughts and ideas for optimizing the customer experience around a specific phase of the journey. Participants in the workshop are led by a group of facilitators to describe, in detail, all of the actions, people, and things encountered during a pre-determined phase of the customer journey. In addition, we uncover imperative moments, areas of strength, and pain points customers encounter along the way. The resulting map visualizes customer engagement gaps, trusted resources, and areas of opportunity.

The outcome of Customer Journey Mapping is an actionable blueprint to alleviate problem areas and exceed customer needs that align to marketing strategies, content, customer experience, and technology platforms.

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