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SAP Business Analytics Solutions

The real challenge today is no longer the collection of data but rather its quick and convenient analysis.

Data is the fuel of the digital economy. Thanks to new technologies (big data, KI, IoT) and the networking of different internal and external data sources from mobile devices, social networks, media, finance, machines, etc., the torrent of data doubles approximately every year.

The real challenge today is no longer the collection of data but rather its quick and convenient analysis.

SAP Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing (DW) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) products offer suitable solutions even for complex requirements.

If you are looking for a hands-on team who knows the newest and best SAP Analytics technologies, we will meet the challenge. ECENTA’s team of consultants has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of customized SAP Analytics architectures and system landscapes.

Data Warehousing

ECENTA helps you organize your data in an SAP data warehouse. Existing data can thus be put to smart use, trends can be identified, and KPIs calculated to provide relevant insights. Some advantages are:

  • Significant increase in performance for data retrieval, analysis, and provision
  • Modern, user-friendly system interface
  • Enhanced data modeling
Business Intelligence

The IT department is working to capacity and management, marketing, sales, or service urgently need up-to-date reports to be able to decide on the next steps.

With an SAP Business Intelligence solution, you empower your employees to run data analyses, create conclusive reports, visualize important (customer) data with just a mouse click, or create inspiring data-based presentations – all without putting extra workload on the IT department. You can rely on ECENTA’s experience for a smooth implementation.

The simple visualization of large amounts of data promotes the sound communication and decision making within teams. With user-friendly self-service tools, end-users can create:

  • KPI reports
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Individual dashboards
  • Mobile access to business intelligence applications in the cloud
  • Realtime reportings
Enterprise Information Management

Data silos in different departments or divisions are a CIOs’ nightmare, since these are obstacles on the path to the digital transformation of their companies.

Inconsistent customer and supplier master data or tedious data clearing processes prior to data evaluation are just a few of the costly and nerve-wracking pitfalls.

A scalable SAP Enterprise Information Management solution puts an end to this uncontrolled data growth. EIM brings knowledge to the surface where it is really needed, i.e. to the responsible stake holders. It transforms information from physical processes (e.g. from production or sales) into know how relevant for decision making – in real-time! Place your bet on:

  • A central data management where data is integrated, linked, managed, archived, and cleared
  • Transparent data governance
  • Strictly defined, automated master data workflows
  • Consistent customer, supplier, and product data
  • Agile data processing and distribution

The definition of clear rules and structures for data maintenance will help to meet the challenge of digital transformation perceptibly. Gain the benefits from ECENTA’s expertise.

We look forward to helping you tackle the challenges of a state-of-the-art analytics architecture based on SAP solutions. Let’s talk.