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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing success hinges on human experience.

The number one factor in delivering a great customer experience is not delighting customers, but reducing their efforts. – Harvard Business Review

Digital Marketing

While marketing’s focus of connecting with the customer has not changed, the modern digital evolution has altered the channels in which we connect. We embrace technology to help drive revenue and improve customer experiences, but now the balance has shifted to a reliance on technology - tipping the scales away from meaningful human connections. This imbalance can hinder marketing’s effectiveness and overall performance.

While technology is necessary to optimize customer experience, it must be balanced by strategy, creativity and messaging – creating human connections that improve experiences and outcomes. ECENTA Digital approaches digital marketing from the customer perspective; creating experiences through a skillful balance of marketing technology and strategy.

ECENTA Digital can help your organization with:
  • Strategic planning
  • Analysis and reporting, targeting and segmentation
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Demand generation
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Social media
  • Meaningful customer experiences
  • SEO/SEM/Paid Media
Strategic Planning

Strategic planning enables teams to gain alignment on specific initiatives, platforms, or tools. Defining goals, objectives, and measurements are imperative to ultimately drive better return on the shared mission. During the first phase of strategic planning, cross-departmental stakeholders participate in a collaborative, exercise-based workshop that ensures all stakeholders voices are heard. The outcome of the workshop results in shared objectives and a shared vision which serves as the foundation for building the actionable roadmap forward.

Customer Research

Qualitative and quantitative customer research is imperative when understanding your key customer audiences. The creation of customer personas provides a reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments. Our personas are informed by existing customer data, customer surveys, interviews and focus groups.

ECENTA Digital focuses on two types of personas: customer personas and user personas. When we understand the customer’s expectations throughout the engagement journey, we never under-deliver or fall short of meeting their needs. User personas inform flows and information architecture, making it easy to engage with people and for customers to find content that matters to them.

If we know how people think and feel we create stronger messages and a stronger brand. Personas enable our clients to shape messaging that resonates with each audience and address their individual pain points and needs.

Demand Generation

Demand generation is a holistic approach to your marketing campaigns and programs that connect your organization with potential customers, and get them excited about your company’s product and services. Demand generation can help your organization reach new markets and re-engage existing customers.

More than a branding exercise or a marketing tactic, demand generation engages prospective and existing customers throughout the entire marketing and sales cycle. Demand generation builds and nurtures contacts, prospects, leads and customer relationships over the long-term with a mix of marketing tactics.

A long-term commitment to strategy and customer experience is what separates successful demand generation from other customer acquisition or marketing tactics.

SAP Marketing Cloud - Implementation and Strategy

As an SAP Silver Partner, ECENTA Digital helps deliver a return on your SAP Marketing Cloud investment. We not only help our clients strategize, plan, and implement the best fit between their business needs and the SAP Marketing Cloud product, but as marketers we guide clients in applying best practices to their system.

ECENTA Digital is both a strategic partner to clients and a hands-on resource to execute programs. Whether you need support with dynamic customer profiling, segmentation, marketing analytics, campaigning, or planning and performance management, ECENTA Digital provides strategies and tactics needed to drive business results.

CONNECT NOW with ECENTA Digital and start creating more meaningful customer experiences.