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Leverage SAP software solutions for modern mobility that fits perfectly into your workflow.

How many hours do your field employees in service and consulting still spend behind their desks? The fact is that the more administrative tasks can be handled on site, the more productive (and profitable) your field staff can be.

Leveraging SAP software solutions, ECENTA develops modern mobility strategies that integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

This also includes the increasingly popular bring-your-own-device scenarios. Employees prefer to use of a wide range of their own mobile devices in their work environment. Depending on the device type (smart phone, tablet) and operating system (Android, iOS, Windows) but also depending on country and region, ECENTA understands need for a consistent implementation with regard to the device-specific user experience (UX).

Faster processes thanks to top-notch mobility solution

Field sales force
  • The latest customer and product information can be directly transferred to an employee’s mobile device before an appointment.
  • Preparation for an appointment becomes more efficient and valuable.
  • Visit reports, forecasts, and follow-ups that are recorded with mobile devices can be synchronized with the back office in real-time.
  • Fast route optimization and navigation.
  • The latest customer and machine data is available on site via mobile device.
  • Service orders and feedback can be transferred automatically.
  • No more waiting for time-sensitive decisions by managers and team leaders.
  • Offers, sales purchases, and projects can be approved while on the road.

The use of mobile business solutions is not only about speed and efficiency. When dealing with customers, suppliers, and even employees you must not underestimate the WOW-factor of being able to skip the annoying wait for offers, product specifications, and other information.

Are you eager to streamline processes, reduce employees’ workloads, and gain more time for customer acquisition and service? Then get in touch with our mobility experts. We will gladly assist you!