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Leasing Solutions

Maintain a profitable leasing business with a customized all-in-one solution from SAP.

LAE, IAS/IFSR, GAAP, AfA, ALB, FI-CA, asset management, capital and operating lease, self-service, multi-asset contracts – is your head spinning now? A customized solution for your leasing business will make things clear down to the last detail and tie up fewer resources.

With years of expertise, ECENTA provides instruction on creating and extending a profitable leasing business. Let us join you from the beginning when you need to define your leasing strategy. Together with you we will then develop fitting scenarios for your leasing business. We advise you on selecting the right devices and technologies and support you during the implementation of adequate SAP solutions.

The focus is always on the consequent integration of your processes.

  • Connection with your ERP? Sure.
  • Customer-oriented and efficient management of all offer, order, contract, and termination processes? Absolutely.
  • Setup of a self-service portal for suppliers? Yes, please.
  • Integration of services like maintenance, etc.? No problem.
  • Adding of loan units to the leasing offer? Good idea!

You can also count on our support during operation. Just like your future leasing and rental solution will cover all steps from offer via asset management to accounting in a single process, ECENTA provides end to end consulting to reach your company goals.

Are you interested in enjoying the flexibility and usability of a full-service leasing solution thus being able to concentrateon the expansion of your leasing and financial business? Then get in touch. Our experts will gladly answer your questions.