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ECENTA Service Lens

ECENTA Service Lens combines relevant information from your SAP back-end systems with Mixed Reality devices.
The Use Case

When a Field Service Engineer is providing maintenance or service to a machine, it often requires him to keep his or her hands free. At the same time, he needs to retrieve and manage information from SAP back-end systems, like SAP S/4HANA or SAP Service Cloud. His or her tasks include documentation, reviewing the status of the machine, and reviewing the documentation of equipment. This usually happens between the individual work steps with a laptop or a mobile device. To work like this is time consuming leading to a reduced production time for the equipment.

The Solution

By combining innovative technologies such as SAP Leonardo IoT Services and Mixed Reality devices such as Microsoft HoloLens, the above challenges can be handled easier.

The engineer is outfitted with a wearable device such as Microsoft HoloLens which allows to navigate & control an application through voice or gestures. Augmented Reality (AR) will then help to keep his hands free, while accessing real-time information, executing tickets, accessing knowledge articles, etc. Due to data being constantly collected through IoT Services, they can be consumed and displayed to the engineer without the need to look at a laptop, mobile device, etc. The data is displayed with the Hololens to augment the reality as seen by the engineer.

Documentation and provided resolutions could be maintained into a collaboration or knowledge base platform such as SAP Jam or MindTouch to allow improvement on future trainings and finding a solution for a problem quicker.