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Experience Management

Learn how Experience Management is the new marketing.

“[Experience Management] has become the new marketing. It influences brand perceptions and impacts business performance just as strongly as traditional marketing such as media advertising and price promotions once did.” Harvard Business Review

Experience Management (XM)

Experience Management is an on-going process of listening and exploring opportunities for business improvement by delivering great experiences to customers and motivating employees to live and breathe by your brand. Research has shown that there’s a significant gap between customers receiving a superior customer experience and CEOs believing that experience is being delivered. To be truly customer centric, one must embrace experience management as the new marketing by listening to both the customer and employee for continuous areas of opportunity.

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer feedback is one of the richest real-time data sources. Whether it be through customer reviews, social posts, qualitative customer data, or quantitative research such as surveys, your organization is able to keep a pulse on trends and connect the dots between problem areas or successes and revenue. A strong CX program will help enable your organization to harness, analyze and act on a variety of customer data points to provide meaningful customer experiences and provide the best return on investment.

Key Outcomes for CX
  • Resolve customer issues faster to reduce revenue attrition and increase loyalty
  • Gather X_Data in real time from live voice calls, chatbots, SMS, IVR and many more
  • Share real-time metrics with agents, team leads and more
  • Identify improvements with the biggest impact on the experience AND your bottom line
  • Improve overall customer experience rooted in real-time customer data
Employee Experience (EX)

Employees are a critical component to any organization, and many have direct interactions with your customers. Beyond addressing employee retention, it’s important to consider the employees contributing to your brand via customers interacting with operations, sales, finance or customer service groups. Knowing when a customer-facing employee is struggling and being able to provide additional training is vital to your improving customer experiences and maintaining long-term business relationships. Subsequently, knowing who is an advocate for your organizations customer experience values should be acknowledged and rewarded.

Key Outcomes for EX
  • Uncover insights managers and leaders need to close experience gaps and improve engagements
  • Reduce attrition with an automated exit feedback system that helps you understand the actions that will retain your best people
  • Optimize training to develop employees and deliver tangible results in performance and development
  • Identify what's most important to your people with in-depth studies to identify the ideal benefits package to suit your budget
  • Leverage employee insights to improve and optimize the everyday technology experience and drive job enablement and career growth
Insights to Inform

Not only can ECENTA Digital help build out the strategy and implement the technology, but we can also help you understand the statistical findings.By understanding the key drivers that matter to your business, we can help you build out dashboards that help inform various levels of stakeholders in your organization.

Technology to Enable

ECENTA Digital supports your business regardless of the technology used. Learn more about our Qualtrics certifications and technology platform partnerships.