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Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG


Rolls-Royce Power Systems (RRPS) is a global leading manufacturer of large engines and propulsion systems that are found in ships, vehicles, and power generation facilities.


RRPS in the past had no cross visibility between Sales and Service teams. Heterogenous systems slowed the flow of information and international collaboration often came to a complete standstill. To tap into new business potential and increase customer loyalty, the company sought to completely realign its sales and service processes. RRPS had an ambitious goal to transform from an engine manufacturer to comprehensive solution provider.


RRPS chose SAPĀ® Customer Experience solutions to help transform their business and chose ECENTA as their implementation partner. The cloud-based platform offers marketing, sales, and service employees a comprehensive overview of customers and prospects. Teams are able to collaborate much better, sales forecasts can be made in little time, and new business can be better targeted. At the same time, the customer remains the central focus. This resulted in company a transformation, where RRPS went from operating as an engine manufacturer to operating as a comprehensive solutions provider. ECENTA provided the right expertise and guidance to RRPS to help them adopt the solutions from SAP.


  • A transparent sales funnel supports contract acquisition and helps take advantage of new business opportunities
  • In-depth revenue forecasts can be produced at the click of a button with real-time data, technical engineer deployments can be planned proactively, and tickets are easily prioritized
  • Collaboration between global RRPS companies runs smoothly thanks to consistent data
  • A complete overview of customers and leads helps in creating tailored quotations and services which boosts customer retention and revenue growth
  • Implementation of SAP Sales and Service Cloud
  • Seamless Integration to SAP ERP
  • Clear, user-friendly interfaces