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Pilgrim’s, headquartered in Greeley, CO, is the largest chicken producer in the US and belongs to Brazilian-based food giant JBS. With a production of more than 9.5 billion pounds of live chicken per year, Pilgrim‘s serves restaurants, fast food chains, grocery stores and supermarkets. The company employs approximately 38,000 employees across 12 US states and throughout Puerto Rico and Mexico.


Limited functionality and poor user adoption of its legacy CRM system led Pilgrim’s to look for a modern and widely accepted solution for its customer and consumer complaint management process. For this business process, complaints are utilized to track affected products and production batches, warehouse and production plant activities, error codes, invoice adjustment requests, and customer related information. Pilgrim’s needed to leverage data to facilitate a faster resolution process, and improve service to its customer base.

With its strong reporting and dashboarding capabilities, SAP Cloud for Service was the optimal choice to aggregate and drill down into the information recorded by customer service representatives, allowing managers to adequately settle complaints and take appropriate action to improve the overall customer experience. ECENTA America was chosen as the implementation partner because of expertise and experience in defining the right processes, and establishing the appropriate functionality. ECENTA also enhanced the solution using the Cloud Developer Studio.


Understanding the value of a pre-packaged integration into its existing SAP ECC backend, Pilgrim’s decided to implement SAP Cloud for Service as its complaint management process. Service Tickets representing customer complaints allowed users to quickly capture products that were affected. Each line item was referenced with its own unique fault code and stored within the correct material hierarchy. The solution not only allowed users to create complaints manually, but also enabled customers to log a complaint through email channels directly. Additionally consumers were able to file a complaint via Pilgrim’s corporate website.


Within 10 weeks, Pilgrim’s began utilizing a world class platform to support its complaint management processes, delivering an outstanding customer experience. Internal handover time between customer-facing service teams and the back office was drastically reduced. Further, insight gained from data captured in the complaint process enables Pilgrim’s to continuously improve its products and services.