Increase the effectiveness of your sales force. With real-time predictions and transparent Opportunity Management, sales will be more effective, anytime from anywhere.

How much more could your sales team contribute to the bottom line if it had a current 360° view of customers and prospects anytime and anywhere? ECENTA provides strategic advice on how to reorganize your sales force to be more efficient, and at the same time, more transparent.

Good sales people know their product. Excellent sales people also know their customers. A company already possesses large amounts of customer-related information. A core strength of the SAP CRM and Cloud for Customer (C4C) solutions is to provide in real-time the relevant data and contextual information from sales, marketing, service, web shop, and social media within a streamlined tool.

ECENTA makes it easier for you to integrate SAP systems so thoroughly into your complete sales and marketing workflow, that omnichannel customer engagement across all touchpoints becomes better than ever.

Armed with an intuitive sales system, your office and field sales teams are more prepared for customer requests and can respond much quicker than your competitors. You can:

  • Recognize sales opportunities even while out of office
  • Keep track of the complete sales pipeline
  • Request transparent predictions in real-time

ECENTA supports you all the way. From selecting the appropriate on-premise or cloud system via its implementation to its optimization within your company, ECENTA helps you establish the basis for lasting sales success.

Get in touch and your goals will become ours!