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The second quarter brought us a number of great projects and a lot of news from the SAP world. SAP Customer Experience, C/4HANA and Coresystems - to name just a few of the new terms. In return, the name Hybris now disappears from the SAP portfolio. We have discussed the upcoming changes in advance so that we can discuss and assess the effects both on ourselves as an SAP partner and on our customers and their plans.

If you need support with your IT planning or are simply looking for a contact person, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Projects completed in the past weeks

Weidmueller Group (Germany)

  • World market leader in industrial connectivity and specialist in connection and automation solutions
  • Implementation of SAP CRM Service for processing technical customer inquiries
  • Routing based on categorization and product hierarchy
  • Tracking from the request to the solution via 3 service levels
  • „Easy Routing Button" for automatic determination of the next service level
  • Usage of the central Knowledge Database (KB) by all service employees to avoid redundant document storage
  • Quick access to KB articles via the categorization and content of the service request
  • Structured storage of customer inquiries in the Knowledge Database for better evaluation

Ecolab (Czech Republic)

  • Now that almost 20 countries in Europe are using the SAP Contact Center solution integrated with SAP CRM, the Czech Republic has also been added.
  • Implementation of a contact center solution for Customer Service Front Office and Service Management
  • Routing of incoming phone calls
  • Further support during operation by ECENTA

Engineering Company (Deutschland)

  • Manufacturer of engines, turbines and generators
  • Implementation of SAP Service Cloud for their customer service
  • Central platform for processing customer requests
  • Cross-organizational processing of complex incidents in a Customer Care Center
  • Joint processing and tracking of requests with SAP Service Cloud increases transparency, reduces processing time and improves customer satisfaction
  • Integration with SAP ERP

Textile Industry (USA)

  • Manufacturer of clothing, uniforms and corporate identity products
  • Implementation of numerous extensions of the existing B2B shop based on SAP Commerce Cloud 5.2
  • Planning to upgrade to the current version of SAP Commerce Cloud

Automotive Supplier (USA)

  • Implementation of SAP Sales Cloud for B2B business
  • Go live in April 2018 of SAP Sales Cloud for US division
  • Implementation of account, lead and opportunity management
  • Integration with SAP ERP for quotations and orders
  • Improved visibility to real time order history, quotes and installed base and other backend data
  • Simplified visit process along with Contact Management, Activity Management, Outlook
  • In the process of rolling out functionality globally
  • Especially important for the customer is the mobile application with real-time access to the current data
  • Phase 2 will start shortly with additional sales support and service

Medical Devices (USA)

  • GoLive with SAP CRM integrated with SAP Dispute Management
  • Streamlined business process between Customer Service and back office team
  • Provided real time visibility to all groups while increasing efficiency
  • Rolling out set of new reporting functionality to better measure new process changes

Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (Canada)

  • Sustainability / Government Sponsored Programs
  • Go live in April 2018 of SAP Service and Sales Cloud
  • Transition from legacy CRM solution to modern omni-channel platform to better track and engage customers
  • Better visibility into customer compliance to program requirements and registration
  • Integration with SAP ERP backend
  • Future phase currently in progress for other divisions to support service provider compliance and engagement

And some other customers who sadly don’t want to be mentioned...

News from the industry & from ECENTA

„SAP Hybris“ and „Customer Engagement & Commerce“ become „SAP Customer Experience“

SAP announced its new CRM product strategy at SAPphire Now in June. The name "Hybris" is no longer used and "SAP Customer Experience" is the new name for the product suite instead of "Customer Engagement & Commerce". The front office products are combined under the name C/4HANA, the back office products under S/4HANA Customer Management.

This corresponds exactly to our focus: ECENTA will continue to support you in all questions regarding SAP Customer Experience!

Please contact us for more details and what this means for you.

SAP aquires Coresystems

With Coresystems, SAP has announced its next acquisition in the CRM area. The Swiss company specializes in field service and workforce management and also offers its own mobile app.

SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center becomes SAP Customer Engagement Center

Last year, SAP already attracted attention with a new product, the SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center. This solution combines the capabilities of a communication solution (SAP Contact Center) with those of a ticketing system and thus provides the two essential components for the operation of a service center.

The new SAP Customer Engagement Center continues this path and now makes these functions available on the basis of the SAP Cloud Platform. On the one hand, the contact center functions are now offered in the cloud as Communication as a Service (CaaS), on the other hand, the solution supports simple service processes, such as an integrated agent desktop, the creation and processing of service tickets, integration in SAP ERP, as well as in Hybris Commerce, and much more.

Contact us to learn more about how SAP cloud-based communication solutions can support your service processes.

ECENTA Solutions: Field Service App, Service Portal and CS Connector are well received by customers

ECENTA now offers three add-on solutions. All three receive excellent customer feedback because they cover gaps in the existing SAP portfolio:

ECENTA Field Service App
This native offline-capable iOS app contains all typical functions for the service field service. Special emphasis was placed on clear and efficient operation, plus features such as map integration, QR code capture, signatures, etc. SAP CRM onPremise and S/4HANA are currently supported as backend systems. SAP ERP is in the planning stage.

ECENTA B2B Service Portal
Our Service Portal focuses not only on typical WebShop processes, but above all on self-service support for customer service processes. Customers have access to information and processes for their installed devices and machines. The results are optimized processes, savings in customer service, higher customer satisfaction and additional sales through up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

ECENTA CS Connector
This solution addresses customers who have implemented their core service processes in SAP ERP CS, who want protect this investment and want to use the SAP Service Cloud for front-end processes. SAP’s standard integration covers only a few scenarios. This is where our ECENTA CS Connector comes in: we support not only the replication of master data, but also the bi-directional exchange of the required documents.

All three solutions are marketed as accelerators, i.e. they offer a stable basic functionality which is extended in customer projects according to their specific requirements.

ECENTA DIGITAL - The Future of Management Consulting

As the latest developments in the world of digital agencies, system integrators and consulting practices show the next big thing in the consulting industry is “asset-based consulting”.

This means that ECENTA and its recently established consulting practice ECENTA DIGITAL will look to differentiate themselves on the basis of their intellectual property & assets by packaging and productizing them in digestible, manageable bundles combined with applications and software.

This model requires less human intervention than the traditional management consultancy model, which translates into lower risk and faster ROI. It is also more end-customer-centric; not only are the end customers able to benefit from an excellent customer experience, but storing relevant data in the right asset makes it easier to achieve a “Golden Customer Record” and single view of the customer.


SAP Customer Experience LIVE 2018
October 10th-11th, 2018, Barcelona

The SAP Customer Experience LIVE will take place this year as a follow-up event to the global Hybris Summit in Barcelona. Details are not yet known. We will definitely participate and talk about our latest projects and ideas..

October 16th-18th, 2018, Leipzig

The theme for the DSAG Annual Congress will be "Business without Borders - The Architecture of the Future". As always, we are where our customers are. So, we will be back in Leipzig with a large booth. We are already preparing innovative demos and new customer references.