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The ECENTA Innovation Lab was at the DSAG Annual Congress and at the SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit 2017. The SAP Leonardo demo with IoT connectivity, augmented reality and the integration to SAP ERP and SAP Hybris Service Cloud was a real eye-catcher. Many customers visions of the future were proven to already be reality here. Talk to us about your ideas, visions, and dreams. You can implement many of them today!

Since we all have enough to do as the year comes to an end, we’re keeping this newsletter a bit shorter. We hope this is also in your best interest.

The ECENTA AG team wishes you and your families happy holidays and new year full of health and success.

Read for yourself...

Projects completed in the past weeks

Engineering Company (Germany, Italy)

  • Manufacturer of engines, turbines and generators
  • Implementation of SAP Hybris Service Cloud for customer service in Italy
  • Focus on ticket and field service management with tracking of all service activities
  • Integration with SAP ERP
  • Quote generation during the service process, i.e. for replacement parts
  • Recording of local customer contacts relevant for service

Manufacturer of automation technology (Germany)

  • Go-Live with SAP Hybris C4C Sales with opportunity, sales-funnel- and contact management in France
  • Implementation of a Hybrid-Scenario linked to the existing SAP CRM
  • Integration using SAP Cloud Platform Integration (formerly known as SAP HCI)

Femsa (Mexico)

  • Implementation of SAP Hybris Sales Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing
  • Mobile offline scenarios for field sales force
  • Complex segmentation scenarios, including strategic and tactical customer segmentations to determine price and portfolio labels
  • Granular segmentation for promotions and targeted initiatives picked up by sales through activities in the Sales Cloud. The feedback from this is fed back directly into SAP Hybris Marketing.
  • Integration with SAP ERP

Food manufacturer (USA)

  • Implementation of SAP Hybris Service Cloud for customer service
  • Use of Sprinklr for monitoring and integrating social networks
  • End user messages in social media are routed through Sprinklr to the Service Cloud to generate a service ticket for customer service tracking
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Utilities Customer(USA)

  • Implementation of SAP Contact Center for 300 users in 5 locations
  • Integration with Oracle-Backend, SAP ERP and SAP CRM
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call back functionality, surveys
  • User interfaces and announcements in English and Spanish
  • Design and setup of a disaster recovery system for high availability
  • Further phases planned for 2018

Financial Services (United Arab Emirates)

  • Leading institute for money transfers and exchanges
  • Implementation of SAP Hybris Sales Cloud for lead management and quoting, SAP Hybris Service Cloud for customer service with integration into multiple CTI systems
  • SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud for the central customer master records (“Golden Customer Record”), Customer segmentation, email and SMS campaigns
  • Support for both B2B and high volume B2C customer interaction
  • Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration, including backend systems for financial transactions and social media
  • Customer specific developments for „Last 10 transactions” and other critical information from the transactional backend

Consumer Goods Manufacturer (USA)

  • Manufacturer of food packaging
  • Implementation of SAP Contact Center for internal sales
  • Voice control system, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Support for phone and email
  • Integration with SAP CRM
  • Further rollout planned in USA
  • 2nd level support provided by ECENTA

And some other customers who sadly don’t want to be mentioned...

News from the industry & from ECENTA

ECENTA is now a 2 x SAP Recognized Expertise Partner

In the summer, ECENTA was awarded the status "SAP Recognized Expertise Partner" for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. This was followed by the same award for SAP Hybris Commerce a few weeks ago. With this status and the associated logo, SAP not only documents the consultant certifications of a

partner, but also the experience shown by successful reference projects. For us, the two awards provide evidence that we have not only shown in-depth knowledge of a single product, but are one of the few SAP partners to cover the entire SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP CEC) portfolio.

SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit 2017 - Retrospect

This year's summit was unique in many ways: for the first time it took place outside of Munich. Customers, partners and SAP Hybris met in Barcelona to present the latest in the SAP Hybris universe. ECENTA was present with a booth, demonstrating demos of applied augmented reality (AR) solutions, and how the fully integrated ECENTA service portal helps customers manage activities related to the operation and maintenance of equipment, e.g. at a major engineering firm, and how SAP Hybris and SAP Leonardo shape the industry.

In particular, the integrated example scenario of the ECENTA Innovation Lab attracted the interest of many visitors. It was shown how a technician with AR glasses simultaneously accesses device and sensor data (Internet of Things - IoT), SAP Hybris Service Cloud and SAP ERP while still having his hands free.

Some of our clients talked on stage about their experience in implementing and using various Hybris solutions. Topics ranged from seamlessly integrated marketing applications that generate substantial revenue for Insight Enterprises Inc. to Coca Cola FEMSA, which uses a mix of SAP Hybris Sales Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud to enhance their field sales.

All sessions have been recorded and are available on the event page.

Service Excellence: the ECENTA B2B Service Portal

According to Forrester research, B2B revenue is projected to reach $ 1.1 trillion by 2019 compared to $ 408 billion in B2C revenue. The products alone are no longer the unique selling point. Today, for a customer base, the evaluation of new providers with similar products has also become easy in the B2B market via the Internet, search engines or marketplaces. Indeed, research shows that 74% of B2B customers research more than half of their purchases online, and 93% prefer to shop online once they have decided.

Today, B2B shoppers make an average of 12 searches before they hit a provider's website. Businesses today must stand out from the competition more than ever before. Service is a marketing tool that helps you to retain existing customers and gain new ones. The Internet gives your company the unique opportunity to personalize the service offering to their customers, regardless of time zone and location. Imagine a solution that gives a self-service customer all the information they need about their purchased products and current operational status, and easily find needed replacement parts, service and support offerings.

Learn more about how we can help you. A whitepaper for download can be foundhere.


SAP Sapphire Now 2018 5.-7. June 2018, Orlando (USA)

SAP's largest in-house exhibition will take place again next year in Orlando. Of course, we will be there. SAP is still in the middle of planning the event. We can certainly reveal more in the next newsletter.

DSAG Annual Congress 16.-18. October 2018, Leipzig

The theme for the DSAG Annual Congress has not yet been determined, however the date and the place have. As always, we are where our customers are. So, we will be back in Leipzig next year with a large booth. We are already preparing innovative demos and new customer references.

As always, you can find current event information under ECENTA News and Events. Yours Sincerely, Hans Kaiser