Current Customers and Projects, News, Events

The third quarter is always comparatively quiet due to the holiday season. For us, however, this time it was busy and very successful: no less than 8 go-lives within three months. We haven't had that much during the last quarters. The projects went right across SAP's CEC portfolio. With SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP CRM, SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Contact Center, everything around customer-oriented processes was present.

Projects completed in the past weeks

IT Reseller (USA)

  • Leading provider of hardware and software products with subsidiaries in 22 countries
  • The Objective was to consolidate far more than 20 customer channels and applications
  • SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is today the central marketing platform for
    • Management of customer data
    • Customer segmentation and definition of target groups
    • Execution of social media campaigns
  • Integration of different applications via SAP Cloud Integration (HCI)
    • Marketo for the campaign execution via 24 different channels
    • Mintigo for predictive customer scoring
    • Facebook & Twitter
    • SAP Hybris Sales Cloud o SAP ERP
    • Google Analytics
  • Currently the largest SAP Hybris Marketing implementation worldwide with millions of customers

Netafim (Israel & global rollout)

  • Manufacturer of irrigation systems
  • Implementation of a global WebShop with local adaptations based on SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0
  • Global price management through integration with SAP ERP
  • Fast order entry with Excel uploads
  • Realtime integration via RFCs, otherwise via SAP Hybris Data Hub
  • 4,000 products, 200 dealers
  • Going live recently in Italy and Chile
  • Already live in France and Turkey
  • Next rollouts planned in the Netherlands, Thailand and Peru

Consumer Products (USA)

  • Migration of a 20-year-old legacy application to SAP Hybris Service Cloud
  • Customer service now tracks product complaints in SAP Hybris Service Cloud
  • Implementation of customer-specific functionality for printing address labels, dynamic letters and coupons and for managing gift cards
  • Very short project duration of almost 20 weeks

Remington Arms (USA)

  • Migration of their home-grown repair return system to SAP Hybris Service Cloud
  • Deep integration into SAP ERP CS and SAP Contact Center
  • Allows the call center representative to keep track and report to the customer the progress of a product that has been returned for repair while fully updating SAP ERP Customer Service for labor and parts costs

Richard Wolf Medical (USA)

  • Implementation of a quotation process with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud
  • Integration into quotation and order entry in SAP ERP
  • Sales representatives enter quotations with line items and pricing, start approval workflows
  • When approved, the quotation is created as a sales order in SAP ERP

Aryzta (Germany)

  • One of the world's leading international food companies
  • Implementation of a B2B web shop based on SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Integrated with SAP CRM and SAP ERP
  • Native iOS and Android app as additional frontend in parallel to regular access via web browser (Responsive Design)
  • Go-Live in Great Britain and Germany, rollout to other countries planned

High Tech (USA)

  • Development of a Web Service Layer for SAP CRM Service
  • Objective was to provide service orders and service confirmations for a mobile field service app
  • Pilot with 200 users is live in USA and Asia
  • Further rollout planned

Medical Devices (USA)

  • Implementation of SAP Contact Center for Customer Service
  • Integration into SAP CRM provides a central platform for telephone and mail communication with customers
  • High availability solution
  • Integrated interactive voice recognition system system (IVR)

And some other customers who sadly don’t want to be mentioned...

News from the industry & from ECENTA

ECENTA is now SAP Recognized Expertise Partner

In July 2017, ECENTA met all the criteria for achieving the SAP Recognized Expertise Partnership. We are now officially SAP Recognized Expertise Partner for Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud Solutions. Special thanks go to our customers that have participated in the surveys!

SAP Leonardo@ECENTA – What you can expect from ECENTA’s Innovation Lab

In our latest newsletter, we introduced the SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud, a cloud-based application that supports high transaction volumes with integrated rating and billing capabilities. This solution is ideal for scenarios where sensors measure consumption data for billing purposes. ECENTA is always looking for new trends and technologies. To this end, we have now set up an internal laboratory - the ECENTA Innovation Lab - which specializes in the use of SAP Leonardo and the SAP Cloud Platform. The focus is currently on integrating IoT-capable devices and integrating them directly into SAP Hybris C4C and/or our B2B service portal. First examples of scenarios using VR glasses have also been created here.

The team has specialized in the digitization of existing and new business processes and shows amazing use cases! Especially in the B2B after-sales and service areas, we see great potential to support the service manager with important information about the current operation, the status of the devices and the service processes directly on site.

SAP Customer Connection Program for SAP CRM

SAP will launch the next round of the SAP Customer Connection Program for SAP CRM on October 16. Within the framework of this program, SAP CRM users can have a decisive influence on the development of new features. Submit your own suggestions and choose which suggestions of other customers are interesting for you. As soon as a proposal has more than ten interested parties, it is qualified by SAP.

SAP has already implemented a number of proposals from our customers. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, please contact us and we will be happy to help you participate in the program:


DSAG-Jahreskongress 26.-28. September 2017, Bremen

This year’s theme is „Zwischen den Welten“ (“Between the Worlds”), which leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The worlds in this case are of course not Cloud and onPremise, but the ERP centered world amidst the networked digital world. We will, as always, be present with a big booth and bring along some examples to current topics: The B2B Service Portal, our C4C/CS connector and a vivid IoT scenario. In addition, our customer FESTO will present their implementation project of SAP Hybris Sales Cloud using a hybrid scenario with SAP CRM.

Meet us in hall A, booth 12!

SAP Hybris Global Summit 17.-19. October 2017, Barcelona

Previously only in Munich, for the first time the Hybris Summit will be a global event. We are represented with a booth, and two of our customers will speak on stage about their projects.