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Ines J.

A Week in the Life of a Consultant at ECENTA AG

About me

I studied International Management and through work got interested in system implementation and project management. I wanted to improve my skills in these areas by working at a consulting company. I’ve been working for ECENTA since the beginning of 2012. My current position is Team Leader and my current project is with a global player in the packaging industry. The customer wants to increase customer satisfaction through better service.

Our IT solution is only a part of this program. The new IT-supported process went live last year in selected central company divisions. New requirements resulted from the experiences gathered during the pilot project and we are currently integrating these new requests. The solution is simultaneously being implemented in the international service units until the end of the year.


I pack for the 4 days I’ll spend on site. I arrange for a taxi to pick me up at 5:45 AM. I text my colleague and let him know as we often go to the airport together.


Despite the early hour, I enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea on the way to the client. Our colleagues from the Latvian office are already onsite when we arrive around 10:00 AM.

The client tests the new features

During the past weeks we have worked on a new release. Now it is up to the business team to validate. We kick off the session by introducing the general organization and a demo of the new features. It is a good thing that we sit together to clarify some questions on the fly. Issues are logged and need to be resolved. My role includes making sure that we are on track with regards to our set deadline.


Aligning on production support of the live IT solution and service units

I like this step as it provides a more complete picture in terms of what happens when the solution is actually being used by thousands of people. I regularly meet with the clients’ service delivery coordinator. I have good news: A major issue was resolved.

Team Meeting

This is the time we can go through practical things, general announcements, and have everyone aligned on what is happening and coming up in the different areas.


Deployment preparation

New service units will be using the tool in a few months’ time. It turns out that the new market service units have a set-up deviating from the pilot units. I later take this to our functional lead to investigate whether we can accommodate this with the existing functionality.

One-on-one with new team member

I sit down with a new team member to see how we can best accommodate her personal development goals and project tasks.

7:00 PM – time for some air, so we get bikes from the hotel and ride out to the seaside.


Knowledge transfer

The team is growing due to new development tasks coming up. To get familiar with the topic and colleagues we have a session to introduce the business context, functionalities, and architecture of the solution.

Travel planning

Together with the client’s project manager we look at upcoming activities and adjust the onsite schedule. We are going to be on site every week for a period of 3 weeks and then 1 week remote. Everyone’s preference is met at some point.Fridays I usually do most of the indirect project-related tasks. I verify that we have our timesheets up to date, check our project plan, and do my travel expenses.



I look forward to the coming week where we will be travelling to another client location I haven’t been to before.

Finally - it’s the weekend!


Time to go out. Good food, sports & friends.

I have been offered to take the PMP certification exam. I continue reading through the material during the weekend. It is nice to have the theoretical background as well. It helps putting what you do in perspective.

My final thought

My work at ECENTA is inspiring. I enjoy ECENTA’s informal working atmosphere combined with highly professional standards and the chance to work in projects around the world. I also like to meet new people all the time at trainings, projects, and company events. In the long run, diversity is provided on all levels: geographically, task-related, and regarding the various customer requirements.

If you like to travel, have an open, inquisitive mind, and don’t mind jumping in at the deep end ECENTA offers perfect preconditions.