Learn more about your role as Technical Functional Consultant at ECENTA

As a Technical-Functional Consultant, you can expect a wide range of tasks in SAP consulting. Get to know your development opportunities and career options at ECENTA better now.
Techno-Functional Consultant

Routine consulting? Every day is different!

ECENTA implements SAP software for our customers. As a technical-functional consultant, you will take over various functions and activities in the course of the project, from development to GoLive.
The journey between the business requirements of the customer and the end product is an extensive process.

You are challenged with the conception and creation of a functional and technical design of the solution!

Only when it is clearly mapped how the software affects all business processes of the customer can the implementation start.
As a technical-functional consultant, you know and manage the complex levels of an SAP software project.

Your task is not only to find optimal solutions. You also convey the idea and function of the planned solution to the customer.

The challenge is to communicate clearly and comprehensibly with different audiences from different departments.
At ECENTA, we develop technical solutions that best satisfy our customers' requirements.

In addition to the pure functional scope, the sustainability of the solution and its future viability are also taken into account.

As a Technical-Functional Consultant, you will see the correlations. At the same time, you are technically experienced enough to configure systems and to program them.

Design your career path!

With ECENTA, you can largely define your own career path. Your consulting manager will support you in choosing the best possible next step for your desired career.
As a techno-functional consultant, you have set yourself the goal of being the interface between our customers' requirements and the technical implementation. As Team Lead, you are responsible for the implementation of our customer solutions. Or do you prefer to support the pre-sales phase as an expert for SAP solutions? Since you understand the business, you will be able to master technical solutions and then leading the implemation of these in your role as Solution Architect.
The choice is yours. ECENTA will help you pursue the most suitable career for you as an SAP consultant.