Find out what you can expect as a Technical Consultant at ECENTA

Your tasks as a technical SAP consultant are varied and full of exciting challenges. Learn more about your tasks and development opportunities at ECENTA.
Technical Consultant

Learning every day, growing every day - that is our everyday life.

ECENTA implements SAP software for our customers and adapts it to their requirements. As a technical consultant, you are involved in the respective project from start to finish.
Each project begins with a detailed analysis of customer requirements.

As consultants to find the right answers. First of all, it is important to ask the right questions!

Workshops and meetings are part of your daily business during the entire duration of the project.
The precise knowledge of customer requirements helps us to develop the best possible solution.

The requirements have to be carefully structured and compared with the implementation possibilities of the SAP software.

Once the design of the solution has been agreed, the implementation follows and with that your magic moment as a technical consultant.
Not all customer requirements can be mapped with SAP standard software.

For this reason, extensions to the range of functions are part of our day-to-day business.

Whether ABAP or JAVA, as a technical consultant programming is an integral part of your wide-ranging work profile.

Design your career path!

With ECENTA, you can largely define your own career path. Your consulting manager will support you in choosing the best possible next step for your desired career.
As a technical consultant, you have set yourself the goal of not programming exclusively. You see your future as a Solution Architect who designs complex solutions for our customers and participates in their implementation. Or do you want to lead a team of technical consultants of different seniority? Perhaps you have discovered your talent for organising and you can excell as a project manager.
The choice is yours. ECENTA will help you pursue the most suitable career for you as an SAP consultant.