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Shure Incorporated is a global manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics that amplify, process and mix sound. Established in North America in 1925, the company initially contracted by the US Government to make specialized microphones for the military. As a result, rigorous manufacturing and testing processes were adopted. Their customer base is global and diverse, and includes musicians, audio engineers, lecturers, broadcasters, videographers, sound contractors, and content creators.


As a manufacturer selling to multiple markets worldwide, Shure needed a solution that would scale and support both its sales and service operations. To support these business requirements ECENTA implemented SAP Commerce Cloud with integration to SAP CRM. The applications allow users to access the Shure B2B portal to order products and view the history of purchases and returns. The portal Provides visibility to customer-specific pricing.


ECENTA implemented the product catalog using SAP MDM (Master Data Management). The MDM application is fully integrated with the Shure CRM backend, allowing for maintenance of e-commerce assets as well as images and user-friendly descriptions, as well as multi-language capabilities. Since the first implementation business units in more than 10 countries have ADOPTED the solution, including those located in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, China, and Japan.


  • Boosted sales by enabling customers to place orders online
  • Directly reduced operational costs as previously required fax or phone ordering
  • Improved the customer experience by providing more efficient service
  • Integrated the commerce solution with the CRM solution
  • Delivered a product catalog using SAP Master Data Management
  • Leveraged SAP MDM to integrate with the CRM backend