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Manufacturer of Pet and Livestock Medicine


A leading manufacturer of medicine and vaccinations for pet and livestock markets, this B2B animal health company has operated for more than 60 years with an ever-increasing global customer base. In addition to medicines and vaccinations the company provides genetic tests, biodevices and a range of services.


Continued market expansion meant the company needed to utilize the full extent of e-commerce capabilities with SAP Commerce. If customers were enabled to place direct orders, and distributors enabled to place indirect orders, additional e-commerce features were needed. The company’s global e-commerce program meant implementing a solution to serve four new markets, and 13 current ones.


Following a series of multiple releases with features and integrations into the SAP ECC Backend, ECENTA worked to implement enhanced functionality and deliver a global rollout including templates that could be deployed in various markets. Updating standard impex files, optimizing the database setup, and adding enhancements, the project team also established a product hierarchy to enable a seamless user buying experience. New features included product availability-based alerts, easy access to frequently bought products, new promotion pages, and the consolidation of all outbound emails.


  • Enabled product availability-based alerts
  • Improved user experience with easy access to frequently bought products
  • Delivered new promotion pages, datahub enhancements
  • Reduced dependencies on the print catalog, phone ordering, and offline processes
  • Project team worked with client not only in English but also in Italian, Spanish, Canadian, French, and Dutch languages
  • Streamlined the support and licensing costs
  • Re-factored legacy code to alleviate performance and security concerns
  • Consolidated ecommerce to one single platform
  • Implemented promotions (with integration to Vistex) and transactions capabilities and product visibilityfeatures
  • Delivered country-specific templates with flexible legal disclaimers for customer and distributor user journeys