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Institut Straumann AG


Straumann is headquartered in Switzerland and a global leader in the field of dental implants as well as restorative and regenerative dentistry. With market shares of approximately 24%, the company is the largest provider of dental implants worldwide. Straumann Group employs about 6,000 employees, with services and products sold in more than 100 countries.


Field sales representatives needed access to customer information without the hassle of turning on a laptop computer. Since users are often in hospital buildings or regions without cellular connectivity, the information needed to be available offline.


ECENTA implemented the project using SAP CRM Sales 2.0, combined with SAP Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and the existing SAP CRM 7.0. To provide optimum support to customer specific sales processes, the iOS app was adapted to the CRM backend extensions. The distribution rules in SAP NetWeaver Mobile ensured employees only received relevant information on their devices.


Field sales representatives are now able to use their time more efficiently. Real-time data is automatically transferred to SAP CRM.

  • Adherence to defined sales processes
  • Supported seven languages
  • Rolled out to more than 800 users worldwide
  • Created distribution rules to determine which data is transferred to which device
  • Enabled employees to request current customer dossiers and have them sent as PDFs per email
  • Delivered customer-specific CRM extensions