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Huntsville Utilities



Huntsville Utilities (HU) is located in Huntsville, Alabama and is owned by the City of Huntsville. HU provides electricity, natural gas and water to nearly 50,000 gas customers, 90,000 water customers, and 175,000 electricity customers. HU has approximately 660 employees.


Huntsville Utilities was looking to replace its on premise switch with a telephony system that would help them future proof their environment. The system had to offer an IVR that could tie back into their SAP ERP system and offer their customers self-service options. The system had to be user friendly and have a roadmap where they could integrate the system into their SAP CRM system for customer service inquiries as well. Huntsville Utilities has approximately 35 agents in downtown Huntsville, AL.


Huntsville Utilities purchased SAP Contact Center in 2009. The system went in smoothly and accomplished all the goals that Huntsville Utilities had set forth. In 2014, ECENTA was brought back in to perform a SAP Contact Center upgrade at the same time Huntsville Utilities decided to upgrade their SAP CRM environment to v7 EhP 3. The project started in September of 2014 and was completed on time and on budget. A new feature in SAP Contact Center that ECENTA developed, is called “Proactive Notification”. This feature will permit Huntsville Utilities to create a call list, from any external system, and then have the Contact Center software automatically call those customers and provide notices. If the customer chooses, they may touch a digit on their phone and be re-directed back into the Huntsville Utilities self-service interactive voice response system to complete their transaction, or connect with a live agent.