Discover your opportunity as a Functional Consultant at ECENTA

What does my working day as an SAP consultant look like? What tasks await me? Here we show you where your curiosity and creativity are harnessed and what career opportunities you have as a functional consultant at ECENTA.
Functional Consultant

Consulting is as varied as our customers

ECENTA introduces SAP software at national and international companies. As a functional consultant, you will be integrated into the project team and accompany "your" project from analysis to implementation, from testing to GoLive.
Some projects are short, others can be very long and extensive. We almost always go the whole way from start to finish as a team.

The cooperation with the teammates is close. Every day we coordinate, distribute tasks and solve problems.

Our common goal: the perfect solution for the customer!
When introducing new software, meet with the different enterprise groups to discover the conflicts of interest and requirements

As consultants, we analyse these interests and requirements. Then we look for solutions that satisfy everyone.

Our task is not only to advise on content, but also to mediate and find compromises.
Our customers rely on the finished solution to run stable and perfectly support their business goals.

As a functional consultant, your tasks therefore also include quality assurance.

This means testing, testing and testing the solution until we deliver it to the customer for further testing.

Design your career path! !

With ECENTA, you can largely define your own career path. Your consulting manager will support you in choosing the best possible next step for your desired career.
As a functional consultant, have you have set yourself the goal of accepting responsibility for delivery of entire implementation projects as a project manager? Perhaps you would also like to become an expert for certain processes (e.g. marketing), and support our customers in finding the right SAP solution for their company. Or are you striving to strengthen your technical orientation and pursue a career as a Solution Architect?
The choice is yours. ECENTA will help you pursue the most suitable career for you as an SAP consultant.