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Spire INC.


Spire Inc. (NYSE: SR) is a natural gas holding company based in St. Louis, Missouri, providing service through its utility operations. Spire’s natural gas utilities and related businesses work together to serve 1.7 million customers across the southern United States.


After multiple acquisitions, Spire’s utilities had call center locations using various IVR packages with different IVR structures, functionalities and integrations. In order to take advantage of scale, single support points, cross training and current integration standards, Spire choose one IVR solution and rolled it out to all locations. One solution would simplify licensing and support, and its internal requirement to update all servers and operating systems.


Having experienced the value of their current SAP Contact Center integrated with their SAP CRM and SAP ECC backend in their Birmingham AL location, Spire decided to implement SAP Contact Center for all locations. With its strong reporting and IVR capabilities, SAPContact Center was the optimal choice for the fastest and most cost effective roll out. ECENTA America was chosen as the implementation partner because of expertise and experience in defining the right processes, and setting up the right functionality and enhancements. ECENTA delivered the project in 22 weeks, from start to business Go Live, Spire now uses a common Call Center and IVR platform in all locations with approximately 300 agents. IVR structure and customer functionality is now uniform across all locations and divisions driving a constant high level of customer satisfaction and experience. Spire is experiencing an overall lower support requirement, and is now able to perform common data reporting across all divisions.

  • Integrated SAP CRM and SAP ECC
  • Integrated with Kubra for Credit Card processing
  • Created IVR for all sites
  • Designed and implemented data dips to deliver account information in the IVR for the customer
  • Implemented call back functionality
  • Trained agents with the tool
  • Designed and established a disaster recovery system
  • Replaced disparate IVR platforms
  • Delivered a solution for uniform system of support and reporting