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National Optical Re-Seller


One of the largest optical retailers with 1,000 locations in more than 40 states, the company has opened approximately 500 stores within 10 years. They delivered 65 consecutive quarters of positive sales growth, and employ more than 10,000 employees.


The company's large-scale, multi-talented, and highly-effective online analytics platform is ready to be deployed. SAP's updates and enhancements to the Marketing Cloud system best potential ROI to the marketing programs - the company in need of regression testing expertise and product support services.


With the company’s system information and known business objectives in hand ECENTA was able to help develop and fully execute regression testing methods in addition to providing broad system support. Through the use of a functional resource and 24/7 support, ECENTA was able to absorb testing and support tasks to free up time for the in-house marketing team.


  • Delivered optimized campaign performance
  • Reduced the man hours required to sustain marketing operations
  • Enhanced SAP support with on-call access to a functional resource
  • Performed quarterly regression testing to verify campaign effectiveness
  • Optimized regression testing practices to account for additional dependencies and scenarios
  • Delivered 24/7 support to enhance SAP’s support offering