The following is a snapshot of our work during this Winter 2021 season

SAP Commerce Cloud

We enabled our customer United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) with the deployment of enhanced e-comm capabilities including online ordering and pickup in-store - this across its entire retail network (and on a significantly reduced timeline!) The initial plan was for a gradual rollout across the network, however due to COVID-19 impacts, the timeline was accelerated. The next phase of work will include capabilities for customers and users to "buy online and pick up anywhere!" (aka. BOPA), as well as support the roll out of additional payment and transaction capabilities.

With our second Commerce project this quarter for long-term customer Teleflex, we are implementing the Commerce solution for B2B sales across multiple business units. The work involves full SAP ECC integration, including list and customer-specific pricing and order placement data from ECC. Also of note is a chat widget being implemented into the system.

SAP Sales & Service Cloud

We are working with our customer to implement the service solution from scratch. The goal of this project is to deliver a standardized, modern service application for both the back-office and field service, including external service partners. This pilot is being worked on in Germany but the project ultimately will be rolled out globally.

We're also working with a customer who is going live in more than 30 countries, and have the solution integrated with SAP ERP, SAP CRM and a contact center solution. Integration with SAP EMS planned for the coming weeks as well.

We also kicked off a project with another long-time customer American Sugar Refining and major manufacturer that involves organizing service and complaint tickets. Multiple stakeholders across the brand are involved, including people within the Quality Assurance and Customer Service divisions.

Finally, we kicked off a strategy project with SPX Flow in support of SAP CRM for a brand new customer, with project objectives that include the streamlining of contact ticket processes, and the capabilities and resources necessary to manage multiple tickets in a queue and in the workflows.

SAP Customer Data Platform

Currently we are helping a customer replace their IBM CIAM system, with the goal to provide authorizations for their SAP Commerce solution with other websites and portals. The next phase will involve more integrations with additional applications, as well as utilizing additional CDC features to manage consents and profiles.

SAP Field Service Management

Despite the challenges of the worldwide pandemic, GEZE Benelux decided to go ahead and implement SAP FSM, and it was successfully started smack dab in the middle of the European lockdown! Using the ECENTA FSM Starter Package, it took only nine weeks to go live with a standalone implementation. Master data was imported from SAP ERP and is updated on a regular basis.

Another customer in Canada purchased the field management solution last year, and we successfully completed the project in four months. Their goal was to digitize their approach to field service, and transition from a historical paper-based, manual process to a single application for field scheduling & dispatch, work execution, timekeeping, expenses, approvals, trunk stock etc., invoicing, and more. They were able to achieve efficiencies through integration, better reporting of billable hours to clients, and simplified forms for data capture.


Our customer is low live in seven countries, and the solution supports sales reps to configure, price and quote complex bundles with hardware, software, licenses, consumables and services.

Avaya, a global leader in telecomm equipment and software, completed a proof of concept of using SAP CPQ to transform their offerings and move their organization towards cloud- and SaaS-based offerings. We helped with best practices in modeling offerings for “products as a service”, and in bundling training and professional services along with the products. Other features of CPQ were also prototyped including "guided selling" and integration to and SAP ERP.

SAP Entitlement Management Services

We're currently delivering a solution that has the capability to handle a central repository for entitlements. The information will later be used by multiple business units including those who work as service agents, sales reps and in customer self-services. The solution will also be leveraged as a basis for consumption-based business models.

SAP Contact Center

As a continuation of a project already initiated and underway, we continue to integrate Spire Energy's Contact Center with various SAP products.

CSP Services

For a number of customers we are providing ongoing support for incident management, service monitoring, and release management for SAP Service, SAP Marketing and SAP CDC.

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