The following is a snapshot of our work this Fall 2021 season

SAP Commerce

We continue to work with our long-time customer to improve Customer Experience through enhancements of digital commerce capabilities including optimized online ordering and the ability to pickup in-store. We are focused on delivering key capabilities for customers to "buy online and pick up anywhere" (what's known as BOPA), in addition to implementing additional payment and transaction capabilities.

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ECENTA is delivering strategic consulting as well as technical support to further an optimized digital commerce go-live for the United States geographies. To improve buying experiences for customers we are engaged to support both the digital buying experience itself, as well as the technical roll out of the new platform for all major markets. Global web templates were created to optimize both the experience and administration of the site.


We are engaged for strategic consulting and requirements mapping in support of leveraging the SAP CRM platform, as well as the integrated solutions tied to other parts of the business. Project objectives include the optimization of service on a global scale by way of streamlining ticket processes, including ticket management, routing, and workflows.

ECENTA enabled this long-term customer with better performance of the overall platform and tools by collaborating with SAP Services to successfully transition to the latest Commerce Cloud offering. The migration was smooth with very little downtime and impact to the business. Insight’s customers and internal business and support staff also benefited from the migration, and we continue to support the customer on an ad-hoc basis for any of their Commerce consulting needs.

With a complex sales process, our customer, a high tech semi-conductor manufacturer, needed a solution that served them simplicity in processes and the ability to automate certain scenarios. The customer had been using SAP CRM for more than 10 years, and we were asked to formulate a recommendation around moving their legacy platform to S/4 Customer Management. With a combination of S/4HANA and SAP BTP solutions, it gives the customer the ability to modernize and continue agile development when adaptations in business processes are necessary.

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Intuitive Surgical has worked to evolve into outcome-based business models, and modernizing their solutions was required to improve customer experiences and revenue outcomes. We were engaged to assess transitioning their ERP to S/4HANA and the resulting impacts to their SAP CRM landscape in furtherance of the goal. Modernizing their solutions with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Service Cloud and Field Service Management allows them to support these evolved business models.

SAP Sales Cloud


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ECENTA is supporting the customer with SAP Sales Cloud to service both direct and indirect sales requirements. Historically, the sales team has leveraged a homegrown CRM application for their opportunity and activity tracking. While the overall KPI’s of the project are yet to be determined, with the execution of this project the sales team will have a single point of access for all sales related information including customer 360, forecasting, quoting and other standard CRM functionality.

SAP Marketing Cloud

The customer continues to increase its market penetration and customer engagement with the Marketing solution, as we continue to provide both digital marketing consulting and technical consulting in furtherance of their business objectives. We are enabling the customer to leverage the tool to further its marketing programs, as well as providing support for additional integrations and configurations.

ECENTA continues serving Teleflex with added SAP solutions as the organization evolves its marketing programs aligned to revenue objectives. We are implementing Marketing Cloud and providing digital marketing consulting and training services. The solution will support many business units across the globe and include integration with sales and commerce systems.

Our work supporting a large national online optical retailer continues, with work that includes support and maintenance of SAP Marketing Cloud and processes, along with consulting for integrated systems. The retailer leverages the solution to increasingly deliver digital commerce experiences to its customers across all of its brands.

SAP Service Cloud

ECENTA is engaged to support the technology needed, SAP Cloud for Service, to provide a consistent and standardized process within the Customer Service & Consumer Relations teams to better capture and monitor customer requests, feedback, and complaints. The initiative will enable teams greater cost efficiency and improved customer satisfaction ratings, and the ability to measure performance including opportunities to improve service and response times.


The ultimate goal of this implementation project is to improve the organization's customer experiences, especially with regard to equipment quotes and orders. For the customer to fully engage with multiple brands, while enhancing the end-customer interface, ECENTA will implement SAP Configure Price and Quote (CPQ) which includes the design and architecture for the solution to include a variety of functionalities.

Customer Success Projects

ECENTA is engaged to provide a strategic framework for the organization's transformation initiative, as the customer moves from being product-centric to customer-centric. The changed focus was initiated to better deliver relevant customer experiences. The tranformation initiative is supported through Marketing and Sales efforts via SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing Cloud capabilities, and also includes an Organizational Change Management plan to ensure adoption of the systems and new processes.

ECENTA continues to support Toronto Parking Authority with improved business continuity of ticket assignment and resolution processes through the new customer service solution we implemented, which is a standalone instance of SAP Service Cloud. We helped import tens of thousands of current customer files with historical and current ticket data, as well as support current interaction channels including email, phone, web forms, and social.